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Mary Morrisson--Musicians and Dancers

Eventually I'll get this website updated. Too busy playing gigs. Happy dancing everyone.

Here are some upcoming gigs. Come and dance.

Mary & Ed in Scottish Dress-2008

We play traditional music for Scottish Ceilidh dances, Scottish Country, English, and Contra dances and classes, as well as for celebrations and special events including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, Robert Burns Birthday and Tartan Day celebrations, Celtic and Renaissance festivals and any other event where exciting and uplifting music is appropriate.

Slainte mhath!    For information, please email:  Musicians@nyc.rr.com

Our Bands Wild Thistle Contra Dance - Contra Dance music; fiddle, piano, hammered dulcimer
Wild Thistle Scottish - Scottish Country and Ceilidh Dance music and song; fiddle, piano, small pipes
Madra Confach - Scottish and Ceilidh dance music, drums, fiddle, piano, etc.
Mary Morrisson Scottish Trio - Scottish and Ceilidh dance music, fiddle/piano
The English Dragonflies - English dance and early music, fiddle, piano, recorder
Butterscotch and Honey - fiddle and piano
Honey and Biscuits - fiddle and concertina
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